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Foxy Boxing

While I’m not overwhelmed with work, instead spending my morning swearing at PC games I used to be quite good at (goddamn you, Speedball II) and preparing for an interview with an actor in a couple of hours, here are two things I wrote for Foxtel in 2014…in PDF form.

The Recruit: Not only did I have to interview host Ryan “Fryzie” Fitzgerald about his role in this AFL-themed reality competition show, I also had to be flown down to Melbourne to stay in a luxury hotel, chat to a few legends of the game and walk around on the grass at Etihad. In short, this was a tough one. The funniest part was being the first media that the potential recruits had done…and hearing them talk like seasoned sportsmen. Emulation of heroes doesn’t stop off-field.

Boardwalk Empire: Predicting what might happen in the final season without spoilering myself was easier than it sounds, given there was little to no information leaked prior to it airing. I didn’t do too badly as a Nucky Nostradamus, but the trick is to be vague. (And to have some awareness of American history at that point.)