Lately my days have mainly been filled with writing and sub-editing stints at magazines such as Foxtel (the one you get with your pay-TV subscription to read about what’s coming up) and Take 5 (the one you get with your groceries to read about what gruesome/shocking things are happening in the world…and win cash on puzzles).

But in between that lot, I have also been doing some freelance subbing. A bit on the side worthy of the shady tradies that stalk Take 5‘s pages or Foxtel’s premium dramas.

One of the sites for which I have been taking other people’s words and polishing them is CruiseGuru. As the name suggests, it’s a series of blogs dedicated to mind-blowingly huge ships that traverse the world, offering luxury and comfort in between exotic shore leaves.

The entries themselves, written by experts, have opened my eyes to the intricacies of a field I hadn’t previously given much thought to. So now I pretty much want to take the earnings from this work and put it towards one of these.

Although with my level of fitness, these are probably more my speed.