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The Bear And The Cubis Fair

In addition to my blogging duties over at videographic mainstay Audience Productions, who recently took flight in a helicopter, I have taken on another writing role for an industry not usually known for its storytelling.

At first, I was apprehensive about blogging for a removal company, but China Bear has such a strong history in Sydney that people’s eyes light up in recognition when I mention them! (Recently, I learnt they even featured in that Aussie cinema classic, BMX Bandits.)

There are plenty of interesting stories to be told in the moving caper, especially when the company focuses on shifting antiques, artworks and other items more interesting than your standard IKEA bookcase and Freedom couch.

One of the most interesting entries so far has been finding out exactly what’s involved in renting out your mansion for a reality TV series.

I’m just glad I get to write about moving furniture instead of, you know, moving furniture.