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Comedians On Phones Getting Interviews (No Coffee Provided)

As predicted and not retrospectively altered, I wound up doing more interviews with stand-up comedians as they promoted their Sydney Comedy Festival shows. Some of them were done in my professional bedroom, and others were done as I walked around professional Hyde Park in my lunchbreak from working at Foxtel mag. Just to set the conversational tone for you.

Bert Goldsmith is the host of popular quiz/comedy mash-up The Sitcom Theme Song Singalong, which ran in Melbourne through April. If you’re sad you missed the chance to belt out the Friends theme in a room of equally festive audience members, I’m sure it’ll be back soon.

Daniel Muggleton is one half of Mug & Kettle, a comedy duo who run their own open mic night and have clawed their way to notoriety over the past year. I also reviewed their show, because he bullied me into it.

Chris Leben is a guy I’ve known for years, both socially and professionally. I hired him at People when we needed a junior writer, and now he’s moved on to more verdant fields at SBS. That hasn’t stopped him being a depresssed wreck though, thank God. (I reviewed his show here, too.)

Marty Bright hit me up for a chat over Twitter, and turned out to have a lot of interesting things to say about the craft. Apparently MCing is a great way to get your crowdwork skills up. Makes sense.

In addition to these luminaries, I have interviews with Mickey D and Matty B waiting on to be transcribed from my recording device (it’s an iPhone). Keep an eye out for them on What’s On Comedy this week…

Sitting Down With Stand-Ups

In the lead-up to the Sydney Comedy Festival, I’ve done a couple of phone interviews with local comics this week. Presumably there’ll be more to come, in which case I’ll change the word “couple” to “few” in the preceding sentence. Which will make that sentence nonsensical.

Rodney Todd was the host in my “How To Be Pregnant” video. He also tells jokes on stage and swears at a fictional nemesis in this interview!

Jen Carnovale hit me up on Twitter after she read Rodney’s interview, either because she thought I got straight to the heart of what it is to be a comedian…or because she thought I might sell her several more tickets.

They both said funny and interesting things, so have a read!