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Cubisia: Reanimated

Donning my most professional demeanour, I attended a corporate meeting at Stockland HQ in the heart of Sydney, along with m’colleague Ash in the guise of Audience Productions. This was shortly before everyone took a fortnight off for Christmas and New Year’s, but the deadline for this job was tighter that a freelancer’s belt over that period. After translating the arcane and eldritch language used in that company in plain talkin’, I went away and wrote a short script that preached the benefits of a new way of doing things behind the scenes.

They knocked it back, pointing out a bunch of other things that needed to be included, so I carved out version two of the script…which was accepted well in time for talented animator Dave Cochrane to weave straw into gold.

(You’ll have to click over to Vimeo to watch it.)


Technological Information On Information Technology

Earlier this year I was summoned to a cool old building near Broadway Shopping Centre to write a website. Welllll, the majority of a website. It was for the Academy of Information Technology, which specialises in animation, filmmaking, digital design and related fields.

I spoke with a range of teachers, other staff and students to get an idea of what the place was like to work and study in, and did the vast majority of the writing on site, surrounded by the daily buzz of activity and community. When it turned out that four of us shared the same birthday, they organised a communal cake – even though I was an interloper.

The main things I took away from the experience were (a) markerless motion capture is really cool, (b) I wish I had studying animation, filmmaking and digital design when I was younger, and (c) writing marketing material for a website is a lot different from traditional journalism – especially when you have to use the same keywords again and again.

Fortunately, I’m a dynamic, nimble, constantly evolving writer with practical experience, in-depth skills and prominent functionality in a range of growing sectors encompassing opportunities as limitless as my imagination. So it was easy.