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Round Up The Workers

Woah, I’ve written 10 columns for Working Life since I last collected them here. What an industrious and beaverish human I am.

How To Make The Most Of Your Commute: Amazing how getting a new job in an office in a suburb across two train lines (and a Harbour Bridge) inspires one’s writing.

How To Manage Time A-Part: The trials and tribulations of being a part-time worker, with particular reference to missing out on in-jokes and delicious wraps.

When Push Comes To Stab: Office politics with a sharp edge. :

Descending The Corporate Ladder: What to do when you’re sick of being the boss. Like that bloke in Starship Troopers who has himself busted back down to private so he can see some front-line action against the bugs. But less exciting.

Keeping Up Appearances: This could also be titled “Pretending To Look Busy At Work”.

Getting Ahead At Work Is A Matter Of Recognition: Not our pithiest headline, but reasonably straightforward.

In A Toxic Workplace, Are You The Problem?: Sometimes the greatest villain stares back at us from the mirror.

Nine Ways To Not Get A Job: This one is far more ‘Cubisian’ and funny than usual.

When The Pay Comes Late…Or Not At All: Also inspired by true events. But not in a bitchy way or anything.

How To Stay Fit At Work: The ultimate in do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do journalism.

More Work On Work

Meanwhile, the regular columns on workplace topics roll on like a dehumanising production line…

Being The Sharer Of Bad News: How much should you tell your boss about what’s going on in your life beyond these walls?

Can You Be A Lifetime Learner?: Wherein I shamelessly pillage the things I learnt during my Dip. Ed. and blend them with itinerant dabbling in autodidacticism.

Do We Need Dress Codes?: Gleefully written in nothing more than a pair of pyjama shorts decorated with vintage cheesecake models.

Team-Building: Nonsense Vs Reality: One of my friends, Thorin, works in this space so I asked for his input in order to dilute my natural, Office-inspired scepticism of mandated corporate “fun”.

What Happens When The Honeymoon Ends?: A meditation on the exact moment where a probation period ends and a stable career begins (or you’re summarily dismissed and replaced with another, cheaper probation candidate).

Something In The Way: “Why did you resign?” “My boss wouldn’t let me do my job.” Apparently the most common interchange in the world of work…except for maybe, “Can I have a raise?” “We don’t have the budget for that.”

Politics At Work: A Bad Idea Or A Terrible One?: The most egregious case of me writing a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do piece since 1999′s “Bingo Halls: A Den Of Iniquity” exposé.

Working At Writing About Work

After realising that the majority of my recent writing output was not going to be appropriate when applying for serious jobs working for serious managers in serious environments, I decided to get some non-jokey, non-NSFW columns under my belt. Here are the first two instalments of my work about work for Working Life.

When Should You Work For Free?: As timely a topic as ever, especially if you’re a freelance writer. Most established creatives have a one-word answer to this question, but I’m being paid by the day, so…

Beating The Post-Redundancy Blues: It’s something I wrote about at length in the immediate aftermath of my departure from People mag, but this is a more nuanced and serious look at the mental fallout that can accompany loss of job. Especially if your friends, support networks and identity largely derive from work.

Upcoming topics are “How Much Personal Information To Share At Work” and “Studying While Working Full-Time”, so keep an eye out for them in the not-too-distant future, ie. next week.