How To Collect Your “How To” Articles In One Place

As you can see, there is nothing I like better than telling people what to do, especially when I have no actual wisdom to pass on.

How To Write A Sitcom Pilot: What better way to make use of the lessons learned in Tim Ferguson’s excellent comedy writing course? Other than actually¬†writing a sitcom pilot, of course.

How To Talk About Asylum Seekers: The references are a bit dated now, but still a good reason to make use of a Split Enz album cover.

How To Host A Dinner Party (illustrated by Anton Emdin): If you find some of the jokes crude, consider the target audience. If you find some of them hilarious, consider yourself the target audience.

How To Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed Like A Real Man: The other option is to do what I did – ignore them for years, act like a giant baby when you have to go to the dentist, then throw a massive pity party for yourself in the aftermath.

How To Survive A Work Party (illustrated by Anton Emdin): A vital guide for anyone with an interest in flouting as many company policies as possible in the space of one evening.

How To Be Redundant: Finally, something I actually have experience with!