More Of A Skirmish, In This Case

Way back in the dark depths of 2006, when I was a fresh-faced fella with a dream in his heart and a burgeoning media career, I got the chance to write for The Chaser’s War On Everything. I submitted a lot of stunt ideas and scripts from my kitchen table, but only one made it to air. (To be fair, a lot of them were impractical.)

I would feel a lot better about claiming credit for “JB Hi-Fi Name & Shame” if I had actually had to do the hard part – the stunt itself – but since they gave me a Contributing Writer credit, I’ll swallow my humility and take it.

This wasn’t my only contribution to The Chaser’s televisual oeuvre – you can also see me manning phones in the background of 2004′s The Chaser Decides! OK fine, it isn’t really that exciting.

It'll be nicer for both of us if we pretend I didn't spend a long time screencapping this from my copy of the DVD.

It would be nice if we both pretended I didn’t just spend ages screencapping this from my DVD copy.