More Work On Work

Meanwhile, the regular columns on workplace topics roll on like a dehumanising production line…

Being The Sharer Of Bad News: How much should you tell your boss about what’s going on in your life beyond these walls?

Can You Be A Lifetime Learner?: Wherein I shamelessly pillage the things I learnt during my Dip. Ed. and blend them with itinerant dabbling in autodidacticism.

Do We Need Dress Codes?: Gleefully written in nothing more than a pair of pyjama shorts decorated with vintage cheesecake models.

Team-Building: Nonsense Vs Reality: One of my friends, Thorin, works in this space so I asked for his input in order to dilute my natural, Office-inspired scepticism of mandated corporate “fun”.

What Happens When The Honeymoon Ends?: A meditation on the exact moment where a probation period ends and a stable career begins (or you’re summarily dismissed and replaced with another, cheaper probation candidate).

Something In The Way: “Why did you resign?” “My boss wouldn’t let me do my job.” Apparently the most common interchange in the world of work…except for maybe, “Can I have a raise?” “We don’t have the budget for that.”

Politics At Work: A Bad Idea Or A Terrible One?: The most egregious case of me writing a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do piece since 1999′s “Bingo Halls: A Den Of Iniquity” exposé.