Ready Player One

[Title shamelessly lifted from Ernest Cline's excellent novel]

Here’s a partial list of things I wrote for ABC2′s Good Game. They’re all for the “Backwards Compatible” segment, which takes a look back across the history of a given topic in videogames. On each page is a link to the video of the segment, so you can see how the final product looked. Exciting!

Heroines: The first thing I did for Good Game, written in my bedroom on a laptop with many tabs opened to many different pages. When I saw the finished product on television, I nodded coolly at the screen, satisfied with their interpretation. And didn’t remotely squeal like a schoolgirl.

Boss Battles: This one came from me being in the actual office, once again playing the cool guy who high-fives everyone as he goes past and not gurgling with quiet happiness about being paid to write about videogames for actual television. A fun fact about this one was that I spent ages playing Mortal Kombat with an eye to capturing footage of me beating Shang Tsung. After innumerable deaths at the hands of Goro…I rewrote the script to reflect his badassery, which made it a lot better!

The Most Tasty Games: There’s an anecdote from the set of the Ocean’s 11 remake – Rusty eats in every scene because Brad Pitt was starving at the time he and director Steven Soderbergh were trying to come up with a visual hook for his character. Similarly, this subject matter sprouted from an ill-advised decision to skip breakfast that day.