Round Up The Workers

Woah, I’ve written 10 columns for Working Life since I last collected them here. What an industrious and beaverish human I am.

How To Make The Most Of Your Commute: Amazing how getting a new job in an office in a suburb across two train lines (and a Harbour Bridge) inspires one’s writing.

How To Manage Time A-Part: The trials and tribulations of being a part-time worker, with particular reference to missing out on in-jokes and delicious wraps.

When Push Comes To Stab: Office politics with a sharp edge. :

Descending The Corporate Ladder: What to do when you’re sick of being the boss. Like that bloke in Starship Troopers who has himself busted back down to private so he can see some front-line action against the bugs. But less exciting.

Keeping Up Appearances: This could also be titled “Pretending To Look Busy At Work”.

Getting Ahead At Work Is A Matter Of Recognition: Not our pithiest headline, but reasonably straightforward.

In A Toxic Workplace, Are You The Problem?: Sometimes the greatest villain stares back at us from the mirror.

Nine Ways To Not Get A Job: This one is far more ‘Cubisian’ and funny than usual.

When The Pay Comes Late…Or Not At All: Also inspired by true events. But not in a bitchy way or anything.

How To Stay Fit At Work: The ultimate in do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do journalism.