You Deserve The Audience You Get

Late last year, m’colleague Ashleigh Hanley asked me to formally join the loose collective of ingenious talent he has drawn into his orbit since 2005 or so, under the umbrella of


I wrote the copy for the AP website, which is why my official role is listed as “Overking“. Since Ash has grown the business from a small acorn of event coverage to a spreading chestnut tree of – hang on, do chestnut trees grow from acorns, or am I obliquely referencing 1984 for no good reason? – videography for a variety of Australian companies large and small, it was important to make each section of the site pithy, comprehensive, rapidly explanatory and completely free of Orwellian nods.

The main challenge was finding synonyms for “company” and “business” that didn’t read awkwardly. I can do the same for your money-making institution, non-proft concern, innovative consortium or solvent start-up syndicate.

Especially if it’s got more of a Burmese Days or Keep The Aspidistra Flying flavour. They’re far less depressing than all that Big Brother stuff.